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Video description: It's a hot night in Budapest as Manuel walks home from the club, boyfriend Henri is already at home in the bath, massaging his huge cock. Seems like these 2 must have some kind of arrangement as Henri inquires as to whether Manuel had found anyone attractive while he was out. Manuel kindly tells him that there is no-one better than him, and with that the action begins. Now both of these guys are HUGE, but it is definitely Manuel who is the more experienced cock sucker, taking the whole of Henri's dick down his throat. Henri tries his best to reciprocate, but only seems to be able to get half of Manuel's cock into his throat (not that I fault him for that, Manuel has both a long and thick cock). Any faults we find with Henri's throat, we certainly don't find with his asshole! After a bit of loosening up he able to take all of it inside and still be begging for more. Hottest bathroom fun I have seem in a long time.


Duration: 01:59 min
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