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Video description: Dragged outside and tied between two tree-trunks. Then showered with ice cold water until he starts to hyperventilate. Rick is put into prison where they cuff him, squeeze his balls with heavy boots and make him suck. They drag Rick out of the toilet room. He is stripped to his underwear and one soldier grabs him by his hair. Once they arrive at a nearby tree they tie him like in a spider-net with both hands and feet fixed to the branches and tree-trunks. They make the humble boy suck in this helpless position. Then they strip him naked. One soldier starts to spank the ass. Paul screams out loud but the Rebel doesn't stop. He loves to humiliate his catch. They do it just for fun. Just because they are stronger. Ivan starts to spit onto the ass of Rick. He tries to hit the hole. Rick´s body is exhausted and he tries to quit the sucking. But no chance. Mecko grabs him by his hair again and pushes his dick deep inside his mouth. Then the soldiers discover a water hose. They start to use it and clean the guy. The ice - cold water hurts the boy´s body. He starts to hyperventilate. Rick´s body is shaking from the cold shower. Only covered with a towel they lead him into the prison. Just to humiliate the boy the make another body- and strip search before they bring him into a single cell. There the soldiers cuff him to the grids before they start to undress. The poor Boy again has to suck his new masters one by one. Ivan squeezes the boy´s balls with his heavy boots. He likes to watch his mate mouth-fucking their poor prisoner.


Duration: 01:31 min
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