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Video description: After the amazing blow jobs presented last week, I brought A.J. and Chase back so we could finally get down to the business of butt fucking. After a bit of discussion about who would be on the 'top' and who was going to be the 'bitch,' it became obvious that Chase was ready and willing to take A.J.'s cock for the team. The boys start off with some sensual kissing, and soon A.J. gets Chase on his knees where he feeds him his cock. He instructs Chase on the finer points of cock sucking, making sure he takes his dick deep, causing Chase to gag on the dick. A.J. continues to fuck his hot mouth, but we all know what he really wants...a bit of Chase's vegetarian ass burger! Futon spread out, A.J. moves Chase into the doggy position where he performs an act he obviously relishes, rimming. This man must work wonders with that tongue on the ladies, as his long tongue pushes deep inside Chase's beautifully smooth and tight ass, causing him to moan in pleasure. But with this straight boy's pleasure is going to have to come a bit of pain. A.J.'s cock visibly becomes rock hard, and it's time for him to insert it in Chase's tiny little hole. A.J. gets it in and you can see the pained look on Chase's face. 'How do you like that dick?' asks A.J. to which Chase replies 'it feels huge.'


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