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Video description: Chuck wastes no time hopping up on the bar and squatting down right onto Amerifist's hand in this video, sliding down onto his wrist. With Amerifist coaching him, Chuck rides his hole harder up and down Amerifist's arm, going deeper and deeper. Needing more control over the action, Amerifist moves Chuck up against the St. Andrews Cross in the back of the bar to really work his boy's hole. Amerifist lets go with a rapid fire assault of punch fucking Chucks hole hard and fast. The smooth ass blooms into a bright red rose bud and then the athletic Chuck lays back and spreads his legs wide to surrender to Amerifist's fisting prowess, fuck punching like the pro he is. Chuck is rock hard from the attention his hole is receiving and he start jerking in rhythm with Amerifist's jabs until he shoots a load all over his belly.


Duration: 05:00 min
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