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Starring: Micah Andrews
Video provided by: BlacksOnBoys
Video description: Intrigue joins us once again here at BlacksOnBoys and he's brought us another cute white boy. His name is Micah Andrews, is "mostly straight", never been with a black dude before and loves to suck dick. I think Micah has come to the right place. Once they meet up in public they jump into the ride and head back to the pad and get right down to business. Intrigue whips out his super sized black cock and lets Micah have a mouthful of fun before really giving it to him. Like I said, Micah has never had a black dick and not any nearly this big so when Micah hops up on Intrigues lap and takes a seat and slides down every inch like a pro...I was impressed.


Duration: 12:13 min
Download as: MP4 (123 MB)

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