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Starring: Alejandro Fernandez, Antonio Squillart, Ronaldho
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Antonio Squillart returns to the screen this time with two hotcompanions. Ronaldho is back for another chance to suck and fuck.Joining Ronaldho and Antonio is a big beautiful Argentinean man -Alejandro Fernandez - with a thick piece of uncut meat hangingbetween his legs. When Antonio and Ronaldho undress Alejandrothey both take turns sucking his fat beef, not to mention each other.This scene turns into a frenzy of dicks in mouths and foreskin play. Asthe three get more and more aroused they decide to fuck Ronaldhofirst. Antonio puts it in first, pushing Ronaldho's ass apart andwarming up his hole. Alejandro wants a turn and turns Ronaldho overfor a chance at his butt. Ronaldho never has an empty hole-he's hit atboth ends by these two hot men. Antonio is next and offers his ass upas a play thing. Ronaldho and Alejandro take turns pushing into hot,young Antonio's ass, plowing the boy as he smiles with pleasure.Alejandro's thick dick really pounds away at his hole before all threemen cum in circle jerk fashion, watching each other explode andcovering Antonio with cum.


Duration: 05:09 min
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