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Starring: Andres De La Serna, Leandro Fernandez
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: At night in the garden beside the house Leandro Fernandez sits andlistens to the crickets when Andres de la Serna walks in. There is nowasted time as Leandro and Andres in kiss in the moonlight. Andreswhips out his huge cock and Leandro is quick on his knees, suckingthe massive rod between his lips and into his throat. As the camerapans over Leandro's muscular chest and big arms Leandro is in hisown world with a fat dick in his throat.He works the head and then the entire shaft, riding it with his throat.Leandro offers up his big round furry ass and Andres dives in,pushing the cheeks apart to reveal a beautiful pink hole that needsattention. After some good tongue action Andres puts a condom onand begins to fuck Leandro slowly. Andres takes his time lettingLeandro's ass warm up to its huge invader, pumping at a moderatepace deep into his hole. Leandro turns over and offers Andresanother chance to fill him up. This time when the dick goes Andrespumps a little harder and faster giving Leandro the full pleasure of hisdick. Leandro's hole stretches and tightens as Andres pushes in deepand then pulls out over and over until Andres can not hold backanymore. Andres lets a huge load blow onto Leandro's ass. Leandrolays back and works his own cum out and onto his muscular chest.


Duration: 05:09 min
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