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Starring: Shay Michaels, Damien Stone
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Shay Michaels and Damien Stone are off the clock and make themost of their break time. Every second counts as they get busysucking face. The guys rip off their shirts and press their hot barechests against each other. Shay works his way down his coworker'storso. His tongue traces and licks Damien's fuzzy nipples andcontinues down across his ripped abs until he reaches his crotch. Hepulls Damien's huge swollen meat out and sucks on it hard, servicinghis pal the way real men do. Then, Shay hops on top of a stretchedoutDamien, wrapping his hole around Damien's large tool andbounces on it like a crazed piston. They fuck some more with Shay onhis back and every thrust Damien delivers causes him to cry out formore. In a display of coworker teamwork, the fellas then stand upside-by-side and begin stroking their rods, going faster and harderuntil they let go and spray the floor with their spooge.


Duration: 05:09 min
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