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Starring: Ricky Sinz, Brenn Wyson
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Ricky Sinz and Brenn Wyson meet at Ricky's gym and square off inthe ultimate battle. These two giant's go head to head, both strongerthan they once were... they beat each other with no mercy. Thegloves come off and its fucking Brenn in the ass giving him theultimate defect submitting his opponent with his cock. At first Brennseems to suffer total defeat loosing to his rival and getting it in theass, but then Brenn gets the upper hand and fucks Ricky. Were thesetwo more than just opponents? Ricky picks Brenn up and fucks himagainst the ropes getting out every last ounce of redemptions from hisbody. Enter Drew Ricky lover and assistant coach. Drew sees morethan he wants to and splits the scene --for good. Ricky poundsBrenn's hole until he cums all over himself. Ricky jerks his cocksending his hot white cum all over Brenn's chest. The feud may havebeen settled once and for all but not before lots of sweat and cum.


Duration: 05:09 min
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