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Starring: Chasen Hart, Rusty Stevens
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Chasen stands to show Rusty why he has trouble wearing underwear. When he unzips his fat cock is already poking out over his jock strap. There just isn't enough pouch to contain that monster cock. Rusty immediately gets on his knees and begins to worship at his feet. He licks and sucks at his cock before engulfing as much of it as he can into his hungry mouth. Chasen holds his head as he continues to stroke and suck on his growing cock. Chasen is rock hard in seconds and starts to slowly face fuck Rusty's mouth. Rusty is in awe of the thick meat he gets to play with. He devours as much of it as possible. He spits on Chasen's cock as he strokes his own meat. Rusty then gets up and has Chasen return the favor. Chasen goes to work on Rusty's cock as it gets the attention it needed to come to life. Rusty doesn't last long before he wants more of Chasen's thick cock back in his mouth. Who could blame him? Rusty shoves it deep into his throat as Chasen groans in ecstasy. Chasen's beefy inked frame is quite the site to behold and that dick is icing on a very tempting cake. Rusty moves up to make out with Chasen. As he does, Chasen smacks Rusty's smooth ass with his thick meat. Rusty's ready for more...


Duration: 05:14 min
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