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Starring: Brock Armstrong, Mario Costa
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Brock's waiting for Mario to get dressed and once he is done, he looks too delicious to pass up. Brock starts to kiss him as he lets his hands roam. He slides Mario's tee off as we see his smooth chest. Brock's tongue has an agenda of its own as it makes its way down Mario's pecs and abs. There's only one thing stopping Brock from getting what he really wants--Mario's damn jeans! Brock undoes them and as they come down Mario's massive meat springs out ready for action. Ready is Brock's middle name as he quickly wraps his lips around Mario's massive meat. He savors that Cuban cock for a bit before hauling out his own to feed to Mario. Mario sucks on Brock's cock but it is short lived since Brock really wants more of that throbbing cock in his mouth. He kneels between Mario's legs and gets back to worshipping that meat. He does his best to take as much of that dick into his mouth as Mario moans his approval. They then get into a hot 69 so that they can both get their needs met. Mmmm


Duration: 05:14 min
Download as: MP4 (53 MB)

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