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Starring: Josh West, Luke Riley
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Josh and Luke are getting acquainted when Luke mentions his backs been hurting. Josh tells him to turn around so that he can pop it for him. He gives him a bear hug as he lifts him off the floor. That does the trick as Luke grunts in relief. On the way down, Luke notices his ass rubbed against something unusually hard. His hands race back to investigate and find that Josh's cock is growing. "What did you find there?' Josh grins 'that's a thick piece of meat; think you can handle that?" You don't have to ask Luke twice as he gropes at that cock as he kneels to get a better look at what's for dinner. He fumbles with Josh's jeans as he hauls out that massive dick. He opens up as he goes down on Josh's throbbing meat. "Get it nice and wet", Josh orders as he starts to fuck Luke's face. He holds Luke's head with both hands as he rams his cock deep. "Let's see that ass in those pants, boy--I'm gonna fuck it!" Luke worships Josh's meat wanting to please his new buddy. He knows that hard cock will not go to waste. ...duh.


Duration: 05:14 min
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