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Starring: Sean Lawrence, Steven Ponce
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Steven is up to no good as he pours water all over his shorts. He walks into the next room and asks Sean to lend him his shorts because his are drenched. Sean isn't buying it as he grabs his mug and pours water all over his own. Getting Sean out of his shorts was easier than expected. Steven kneels to feign his dismay but soon the two are making out hot & heavy. Sean kisses his way south along Steven's chest as he pulls off his shorts. Steven is hard as Sean pulls his cock out. He starts to suck on his cock as Steven moans his approval. He takes care of Steven's throbbing meat for a while before he wants some in return. Steven gets on his knees as Sean stands up and hauls out his massive meat. Steven struggles as he tries to take it all in his mouth. Sean's huge cock is growing by the second and is soon at full mast. Steven can't get enough of that 9" cock as Sean starts to fuck his face with it. Steven savors every inch of that uncut cock as he shoves as far as his throat will let him. Do not try this at home. Steven is a trained professional. Sean then gets Steven on his back so he can get a taste of that smooth ass he will soon own. Steven moans and begs for more as Sean tongue fucks his sweet ass.


Duration: 05:14 min
Download as: MP4 (53 MB)

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