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Starring: Josh West, Kain Warn
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: These two have started before we've even hit the record button as they kiss and grope each other. The chemistry is more than apparent as their clothes start to come off. Josh lies back as Kain undoes his jeans. His thick dick is already at full mast and his knob is protruding over his waistband. Kain wastes little time before getting his first taste of Josh's junk. "Fuck yeah, Suck that dick" Josh moans as Kain goes to work. He swallows as much of the thick python as he can; taking it out to stroke it and look at it in awe. Josh pulls him up on his feet as he kneels to return the favor. He slowly starts to nurse on Kain's thick meat as we hear him gag a few times attempting to deep throat it. Kain's eyes are closed as he lies back and enjoys the head he's getting. Josh bobs his head up and down on his meat before shoving it entirely into his throat as Kain just grunts with pleasure. Josh loves pleasing Kain's meaty dick; but Mr. West has other plans for our local native. He flips him over and once in position he spreads his smooth cheeks and dives into his sweet ass tongue first. Kain can only squirm at the sensation as Josh gets his ass wet and ready for a fucking. "You ready for it now?" he teases, as he slides his fat cock between his spit-lubed cheeks.


Duration: 05:14 min
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