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Starring: Dareian Blue, Jake Masters
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Dareian is on the couch in his undies as Jake walks in on him. He's startled and blushes as Jake apologizes for having startled him. "You enjoying yourself?" Jake teases. Dareian smiles and assured him he will be now that he's there. Sounds like an invitation to us. They start to make out as Jake's clothes come off. Jake then stands up and hauls out his cock. Dareian is pleasantly surprised as he takes Jake's huge cock in his mouth. It grows fast as it gets the attention it craves. Dareian shoves it so deep down his throat he gags on it. Jake holds his head as he forces it even deeper. Dareian gags repeatedly but he's not giving up on pleasuring that mammoth dick. Jake just feeds him all the dick he wants and lies back so that Dareian can have better access to it. Dareian kneels and keeps milking that fat dick as Jake commends him on the good job he's doing. Jake then gets up and strips Dareian bending him over the chair. He slaps that furry ass before going in tongue first. He eats that hole out as Dareian just moans his approval. Jake switches it up using his tongue and his fingers as he teases that hole and gets it ready for more.


Duration: 05:14 min
Download as: MP4 (53 MB)

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