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Starring: Dylan Hyde, Ricky Larkin
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Ricky Larkin catches Dylan Hyde spray painting his wall with theslogan 'Mas Grande' under a clenched fist. When the pissed offowner finds out what the phrase means ('Much Bigger'), he decidesto give the dumb punk exactly what he deserves -- his big hard dick.Dylan obliges the sexy brute and gets down on his knees to face thebig package. The girth of Ricky's dick stretches Dylan's mouth openas he swallows it down; he does his best and then licks and gobblesup the big guy's heavy danglers. Pushing Dylan face down onto apile of tires, Ricky pulls Dylan's pants down and begins rimming hisass and sucking his dick. Ricky's ready to show who's boss by powerfucking Dylan up his ass. They move down to the ground and Dylanrides his partner's prick, his face scrunched up with pained pleasureas Ricky grunts his approval. They finally finish with Ricky blasting hisload into Dylan's mouth. The young dude laps up the cum and thenlays back and jerks a rebellious load out.


Duration: 05:09 min
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