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Starring: James Ryder, Leo Domenico
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: James Ryder is a smooth, tattooed stud whose body is a prime offering to handsome, hairy Leo Domenico. They both have gargantuan balls, and Leoís slap Jamesí chin on every down stroke as he face-fucks him. Leo uses a suck-and-stroke technique when he returns the blowjob, adding plenty of spit to keep his hand lubed. His cheeks are hollow with suction and James is clearly enjoying it. Leo dives into Jamesí bubble-butt tongue first. Itís not too long before Leoís cock follows where his tongue led as he slams James in the doggy position. Flipping James onto his back lets them kiss and fuck at the same time. Leoís abs ripple and his cum gutters deepen as the Powerload of each of them builds. James grabs his cock and begs to be fucked deeper. As James begins to shoot, Leo pulls out, quickly moves forward and aims his load into Jamesí open mouth. Leo emits a primal scream, strewing jism across Jamesí face and neck. Before the eruption is over, James grabs Leoís uncut cock and jams it into his mouth to savor the final drops of spooge.


Duration: 05:09 min
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