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Starring: Mathew Mason, Spencer Reed, Troy Haydon, Colin Black, Bryce Star
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Spencer Reed and Troy Haydon are deliriously lip-locked as Colin Black fellates them both; and Bryce Star is down on all fours gulping at Mathew Masonís erect cock. Mathew runs his hands down Bryceís backside and excites his asshole as Colin continues sucking off his buddies, until Troy joins him in servicing Spencer. The big manís thick cock slides through their lips while their tongues bathe the length of the tasty shaft. And Mathew soon takes his turn gobbling up Bryceís meat muscle. The five men then join forces as Spencer and Mathew lift Bryce up, spreading his legs apart so his asshole is vulnerable for a vigorous tongue-fuck. Under Spencerís direction, Troy and Colin become frenzied bottom feeders as they fight over Bryceís prized hole.


Duration: 05:09 min
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