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Video description: Joey's at it again my friends! This time he decides to head out to Coconut Grove to see what mischief he can get in to. Joey goes with his friend Rod and as they walk the streets they find a young man named Tyler who's in town looking for a school to attend. Miami seems to be the hot spot so why not go to college here right? What do college students need more? MONEY!! That's exactly what we offer Tyler, but only if he sucks Rods cock in a parking lot. Crazy isn't it?? Well Tyler agrees and also agrees to get fucked on the hood of a car as well. That, of course, cost a bit more but it was worth it. You can tell Tyler is a bit nervous, but takes that cock like a champ! Rod can't help but to smile when Joey asks him how that ass feels and in the end everyone is happy. Fucking Out In Public is good for the soul.


Duration: 05:16 min
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