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Starring: Ari Silvio, Sean Bow
Video provided by: BaitBuddies
Video description: Poor straight, 20 year old Sean, right from the beginning he had that "deer in the headlights" look. He was totally out of his comfort zone...and then we made it worse. We bring in a former straight guy from, Ari Sylvio, who has since become a self proclaimed cock hound - which he blames on - and a very aggressive one at that! So, before this kid Sean realizes that there's no girl in the cards for him both Caruso and Ari begin working him for some gay sex. You won't believe how aggressive the cute, built-for-sex Ari is. With a "just saw a ghost" look on his face, Sean just sits there as Ari grabs hold of his cock and starts jacking it. Next he asks Sean to help him out and reluctantly he reaches his hand over and starts stroking the first cock that's not his own. Next, without asking, Ari just swoops down and sucks up Sean's big, fat cock for a hot blow job - just check out the look of shock on the kid's face. Next, we ask Sean to suck Ari's dick and he reluctantly does for a short bit. Now we're ready for the big move and without prompting Ari goes nuts and starts talking dirty to Sean about sitting on his big cock and how his hot hole is open and waiting. Poor Sean didn't know what to do or say ... that's until Ari just plunges right down onto his cock and then Sean goes into auto-pilot. He jackhammers Ari's hot butt while Ari dirty talks like the cock whore he is. Next into missionary position and here you might want to turn down the volume as Ari is in pure ecstasy screaming and nasty talking at the top of his lungs as Sean pounds his hot ass like there's no tomorrow. The scene ends with two huge cum shots then Ari grabs both their cocks and rubs them together in a puddle of cum!


Duration: 01:41 min
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