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Starring: Dakota Ford, Jaden Bentley
Video provided by: BrokeStraightBoys
Video description: Jaden is pretty nervous about the fact that heís only minutes away from getting his ass pounded for the first time by the very well-endowed Dakota, but Dakota makes sure to ease him into it with some kissing and cock-sucking. He gets on his knes on the bed and deepthroats Jadenís big dick, working it up to full size as he massages it with his mouth before Jaden does the same, sucking on Dakotaís balls and cock like heís never tasted anything better! As hard as he tries, he just canít get Dakotaís curved cock far enough in his mouth, so he offers up his virgin ass instead, begging Dakota to go slow as he enters him for the first time. Dakota gives him a little time to adjust, but itís not long before heís pounding him raw and hard despite Jadenís cries of pain as his ass gets stretched around Dakotaís massive meat. Dakota gets him on his knees and slaps Jadenís ass as he fucks him hard, making sure his new bottom gets his fill of ass-pounding before they flip and Jaden gets a chance to top Dakota. Jadenís not too gentle with Dakota either, and Dakota makes that obvious as he gasps in pain as Jadenís thick cock gets deep inside his tight ass until eventually that pain turns to pleasure and they both finish with some impressive cumshots!


Duration: 06:24 min
Download as: MP4 (64 MB)

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