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Starring: Ronan Kennedy, Paul Canon
Video provided by: BrokeStraightBoys
Video description: Ronan Kennedy is back and this time heís in for more than just a solo sceneÖitís time for him to learn how to suck a dick! Weíve paired him up with Paul Canon, a pro at cock-sucking, to help how him the ropes on how to get a guy off with his mouth. Ronan is clearly a little hesitant about the idea of being with a guy in any way, but he hides his anxiety well and even tries giving Paul a quick kiss! When the clothes come off, Ronan is not hard at allÖbut that changes once Paul gets his mouth on Ronanís prick! Paul works that cock with his hand and mouth, deepthroating it and earning definite approval from Ronan as his cock grows to full size. Paulís expert mouth gets Ronan off in a big way as he shoots his load while Paulís lips are wrapped around his balls. But now...itís Ronanís turn! They move things to the bed and Ronan takes Paulís dick in his mouth slowly at first, getting used to the taste and texture of that hard cock, but once he realizes thereís no backing out now he goes full force and blows Paul. He moves his head up and down, using his hand and his mouth and taking that dick as deep down his throat as he can for his first time. Ronan works at it a little longer until he cums everywhere...apparently Ronanís pretty damn good for a first-timer!


Duration: 06:24 min
Download as: MP4 (64 MB)

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