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Starring: Ronan Kennedy, Damien Kyle
Video provided by: BrokeStraightBoys
Video description: Ronan Kennedy and Damien Kyle make a very explosive pair, and for Ronanís first time fucking a guy, we think these are going to have a damn good time! These young hotties start the scene off with some great energy, and as they get a little more involved it only gets better! The clothes come off between some passionate kisses, and then they take it to the bed, rubbing each otherís dicks and making out a little more before they start with the cock-sucking fun! Ronan gives Damien head first, not for too long but just long enough to tease him and get his prick hard and him horny as fuck. Then Ronan offers Damien his own dick which Damien gladly takes in his mouth, pumping it fast with his hot, wet lips and jerking it with his hand as Ronan lets out little cries of pleasure. But these two are hot and ready for more, they stand up and Damien bends over, letting Ronan put his huge dick inside his tight little ass. Damien is good about taking big dicks, but Ronanís massive meat pushes him to his limits as he lets out a few shouts of pain as his ass stretches around that giant prick. But add a little more lube, and itís nothing Damien canít handle! He arches his back and tries a few different positions, letting Ronan pound him hard and spank his ass while he fucks him, taking a little pain with his pleasure as Ronan jerks Damienís cock while he tops him. Ronanís big dick hits Damien in all the right spots and he shoots his load, followed closely by Ronan who busts a nut all over himself!


Duration: 05:20 min
Download as: MP4 (54 MB)

>> Watch full movie at BrokeStraightBoys <<
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