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Video description: While this episode brings us newcomer muscle-stud Alec getting fucked by Jacob, I donít think thereís any denying Alecís first guy/guy episode at CF - where he topped Quinn - played a big role in helping make this one happen. There was just no way Alec could have ignored how much pleasure his own hard cock was giving Quinn as he drilled Quinnís ass; seeing just how much another guy can enjoy bottoming must be intriguing and must make a guy at least a bit curious about how that same experience might feel for them. After he was done fucking Quinn in his first guy/guy action at CF, it didnít take long for Alec to agree to try bottoming. He takes to it all quite well here, and weíre not too far in to the action before this young muscle stud is bent over with his lips wrapped around Jacobís cock, swallowing as much of it as he can. Alecís facial expressions really help make the action here beyond hot - he looks up in to Jacobís eyes as he sucks his cock, his face strains as he feels Jacob sliding a stiff dick in to his ass, and when he blows his load with Jacobís cock pounding his ass he looks like he doesnít quite know what to make of how intense it all feels. The way he pushes his ass back to take Jacobís cock deeper and the way he gripped the sheets while getting drilled left us with no doubt he loved how it all felt, though!


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