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Starring: Santiago Figueroa, Leo Sweetwood
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: Leo is at his day job folding clothes at the cash register and Santiago is underwear shopping. So many short shorts to choose from Santiago grabs a few pairs and heads to the dressing room. Leo who is amazing at customer service makes it known that he's here to help out in any way possible. He begins to try on some undies while checking himself out in the mirror and Leo thinks he looks great. Santiago grabs another pair to try on but he is bewildered and can't seem to figure out how this pair works so he asks Leo for some help. Santiago moves the curtain out of the way and behold Leo sees his huge limp cock just hanging out right in front of his face. Leo gets on his knees puts the undies on Santiago and ties a bow around that big fat dick and looks up into his eyes as he takes the thick meat into his mouth. Santiago's cock is growing faster than Leo can handle and almost chokes on it but he loves to gag on man meat. Luckily the store has just closed and the last customer will be receiving the full customer service treatment. Leo eats that smooth tight ass while sucking Santiago's cock and hummering those big balls of his. Leo bends him over the bench and spreads his ass wide open and slowly pushes all the way in. Pumping that ass nice and hard Santiago loves every inch of it and he loves the way Leo is fucking his tight ass. These sexy men are both horned up and can't keep their hands or cocks to themselves as they lick, suck and fuck their way to a final creamy explosion.


Duration: 05:16 min
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