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Video description: Even though Jamison was a little nervous about his first time having actual sex on camera, he certainly wasn't nervous about doing it with the hunky Harper! Harper loves breaking in newbies so much, that it's hard to remember he hasn't been here all that long, either! The guys go at it, kissing deeply. Jamison leans back and Harper kisses his nipples, paying extra attention to Jamison's pierced nipple. Harper gets on his knees, pulling Jamison's shorts off and kissing his stomach. They jerk each others' cocks and rub them together. Jamison goes down on Harper. He swallows Jamison's cock bobbing up and down on it. Harper thrusts his dick deeper into Jamison's mouth, moaning with pleasure. Jamison takes Harper's cock down his throat. Harper smacks Jamison's ass, then pushes him onto the couch. Harper eats out Jamison's ass. Jamison whimpers as he enjoys Harper's tongue driving deep into his hole. Harper teases Jamison's ass with his finger, then eats him out again. Harper lubes up his cock and slides it into Jamison's tight ass. Harper pounds Jamison hard and fast. Jamison strokes his own cock as Harper fucks him doggy-style. Harper tells him he wants Jamison to bounce when he thrusts into him. Harper sure likes to talk dirty! Jamison begs Harper to fuck him harder. Harper pulls him up to kiss him. Jamison gets on his side. Harper shoves his cock back inside Jamison's ass. Harper pulls out and slaps his cock on Jamison's ass, then pounds Jamison harder. Jamison sits back on the couch and Harper pulls him to the side and back onto his cock. Jamison jerks his cock and shoots his load all over his abs. Harper keeps pounding Jamison. He pulls out and feeds his thick load to Jamison. Jamison swallows it and sucks Harper's cock dry.


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