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Starring: Adam Archuleta, Billy Montague
Video provided by: FreshMen (KA)
Video description: Life, and the Kinky Angels, is full of surprises. We all remember Adamís surprise when his best buddy Billy decided to join the Kinky Angels. Perhaps less surprising is Adamís desire to be the first to test Billyís sexual agility. Adam is maybe the most surprising Kinky Angel of all. We felt that when the boys were given a choice as to who would top and bottom that Adam would "pull rank" and use his seniority to top. We also felt that Billy would prefer the more relaxed bottom position for his first time having sex on camera. While their choice surprised me, this does confirm my suspicion that Adam enjoys bottoming as much as topping. What shouldnít be surprising is that the two friends shared great chemistry as exhibited in this scene filmed in our Budapest studio.


Duration: 03:12 min
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