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Video description: Lucas is a hot and horny guy in his thirties who is already waiting inside the bathroom to start his audition. It's his first time to do something like this and is excited to expose his exhibitionistic side. He is originally from Canberra and has dark hair, dark eyes, trimmed facial hair and a well-toned, fit body that suggests an active fun-loving lifestyle. Indeed, he is dressed like he's off to the beach or out for a run in his tank top and shorts which he immediately starts stroking at the front part. He puts his hand in his shorts and pushes the bulge out, stroking, and then lifts up his tank top. His torso is trimmed of hair and is quite nicely toned. He pulls down his shorts and whips out his cock which is hung with a nice round head. He's wearing a cock ring and he begins to touch himself He has a tattoo of a devil with a pitchfork on the lower right side of his belly and a bigger, yet unfinished tribal pattern tattoo on the right side of his body from his torso all the way to his thigh. The bathroom has a big mirror on which he can watch himself as he jerks off and caresses his chest and nipples. Then, he takes a dildo, sets it on the surface beside the tub and sits on it, taking it up his tight glory hole as he continues wanking off. He fucks himself with it as he jerks off, grunting in erotic pleasure. He gets hornier and hornier… Soon, he loses himself completely in the sensation as he jerks off faster, harder and ever more intently… until he bursts out in a wild orgasm with his hot, thick jizz exploding over his belly!


Duration: 05:16 min
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