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Starring: Andy Taylor, Tyler Hill, Lucas Knight
Video provided by: HelixStudios
Video description: In this special double feature, Tylerís crush on the straight, muscular jock from down the hall has gotten him into a bit of a jam. While Lucas is out at the gym, Tyler breaks into his dorm room, pokes around and sneaks a sniff of the jockís dirty undies. Heís just about to jerk off when Lucas unexpectedly returns early - with a friend! Tyler quickly hides under the bed as Lucas undresses his guest, Andy, and administers a powerful big dick pounding. After they cum and Andy leaves, Lucas finally discovers his intruder still hiding under the bed. The only way for Tyler to make things right is to let Lucasí still-throbbing, huge cock trespass inside his willing ass.


Duration: 06:30 min
Download as: MP4 (65 MB)

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