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Video description: Jayden has served in the U.S. Army. This young military stud hasn't seen any action yet, at least not in battle. He tells a story of sneaking away from the base with a couple of the guys to get some sexual relief. Although he won't go into details, he says sex with guys isn't so bad. He wrestles with his giant cock, trying to get it out of the fly of his underwear. Once he lets it loose, the pink monster is bigger than he can wrap his fingers all the way around. Breathing heavily, the soldier tugs ferociously at his meat; which is still sticking out of the fly of his camo pants. He pulls off his shirt, revealing a slim, muscular build. His bright blue eyes are focused on the video and his red lips are slightly parted as he pants. The tall drink of water lays back and relaxes a bit more while he continues jerking at a furious pace, his biceps flexing with each stroke. He lifts his leg slightly and reaches down to his ass, where he begins fingering the pink, hair-lined pucker. Sliding his long finger into his anal cavity, he winces slightly. As he eases his finger back out of his tender hole, he begins jerking even quicker. The giant flesh-colored snake begins spitting droplets of white glue, landing on the faint happy trail and blonde bush as he works to catch his breath.


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