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Video description: Specialist Elijah is proud to be wearing his US Army uniform. He talks about what it's like to share in the camaraderie of being a battle buddy. How your life depends on the guy right next to you, and how his life depends on you. He says he worked hard in boot camp to deserve the privilege of wearing the uniform but he'd be happy to do it all over again. This stud fills out the uniform nicely, muscles pulling the camouflage fabric taut in all the right places. His cock is bulging through the pants and he unbuttons his fly right away. The long dark chocolate meat is stiff against the blue of his underwear. He finally whips it out and gives it some good strong strokes. It's getting hot in the room and the military hunk strips from the waist up. His warm brown skin is stretched over bulging muscles and is adorned by several tattoos. Making himself a little more comfortable, he reclines across the sofa with his boots still on. His cock is stiff and oozing precum from the dark purple tip as he switches hands occasionally. He moans slightly and white jizz leaps from the end of his dick. He skillfully catches it on his wrist and hand. There's so much, it wells up and begins dripping over his knuckles and onto his thigh. He milks the last few drops out and grunts while staring at his new creation.


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