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Video description: Logan is in the Navy. However, he spends the majority of his time with the Marines. Logan is a Navy Corpsman, trained to save lives on the battlefield. He explains why sailors are designated as medics for the Marines and why he wears a Navy uniform with a Marines insignia on it. He's very proud of his work in the military and has saved numerous lives over the years. He calls himself "Devil Doc" a reference to his Marines affiliation and his medical training and experience. He immediately starts to unbutton his blouse after grabbing his dick for a few minutes. His biceps stress the fabric of his t-shirt sleeves and he pulls that off too. His smooth, rippled torso leads to a thick neck. His fierce blue eyes are focused like the fighting machine he's become. A small sprinkling of hair adorns his chest and leads teasingly lower to his waist. He slides his hand under the camouflage and caresses his nipple with the other hand. When he unzips, a patch of light brown pubic hair is connected to the treasure trail from above. His pink stiff emerges and he begins stroking before the pants slide all the way down to his black combat boots. His tree trunk size thighs are spread slightly while he gives his little soldier a full salute. When he kneels, a giant tattoo is visible on his massive thigh. It's a variation on a medical symbol with the words "Devil Doc" above and below. When he flips onto his back, he's ready to blow. His chest is flushed and cheeks are bright red, his body stiffens and he begins to grunt. Cum spews onto his abs and drips down from the tip of his dick as he pants, the veins in his neck bulging.


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