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Video description: Tommy was feeling pretty shy when we last saw him. The sexy blonde lifeguard showed us what he can do with his hands. Today, he's here to have another adventure. Antonio is here to help out. First, Tommy is going to demonstrate his lifesaving abilities. He has Antonio lay down before giving him a physical examination. Starting at the ankles, he checks for broken bones and other damage. All the grabbing and probing has gotten Antonio turned on and he decides to let Tommy know. Tommy plays along and checks what's going on below the belt. When he moves the pants away, he notices the swelling in Antonio's penis. He checks the pulse with his mouth, getting his first taste of dick ever. It's clear that Tommy has wanted to do this his entire life as he savors the flavor of the uncut meat stick. Antonio moans as the young guy slathers his cock with spit, enjoying the warm velvet sensation. Antonio is eager to taste what fresh lifeguard meat tastes like and pulls Tommy's blue nylon shorts down. An already stiff pink penis pops out, which is immediately engulfed in the bearded soldier's mouth. Tommy lays back while his mind and cock get blown by Antonio's oral skills. The two swap blow jobs back and forth until Tommy is to the brink. He blows a wad onto his own stomach with Antonio's face nestled nearby. A few minutes later, Antonio stands and glazes Tommy's face with what seems like a gallon a pearlescent semen.


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