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Video description: Jonny has been working as an EMT for a few years and wants to continue his education in medicine. He really likes helping people and wants to do more. This sexy ginger is covered in tattoos and the fabric of his shirt tugs under the strain of his lean musculature. He explains what's required to become licensed as an EMT and talks about some of the adventures he's had so far. It doesn't take long for him to unbuckle his belt and reach underneath the navy blue fabric of his work pants. He flops a thick pink dong out of his fly and begins stroking. Soon, he's reclined across the sofa and eases his pants down to his ankles. As his clothes come off piece by piece, more of his ink is revealed, including a pair of revolvers pointing straight at his girthy cock. With his dick at it's full potential, his hand barely wraps around the entire thickness. Suddenly, a fountain of jizz sprays upward for his piss slit, landing somewhere on the floor. Several more white ropes gush upward as he silently continues to choke the monster, ribs heaving.


Duration: 04:16 min
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