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Video description: Nothing looks as hot as a United States Marine in his dress blues, and Lance Corporal Roque definitely lives up to that. Roque recently graduated boot camp, and is proud to show off how good he looks in his uniform. Most Marines only get to wear their dress blues for ceremonial occasions, but behind closed doors, every Marine wants to show off in and out of the uniform, and everyone else wants to watch as they do. Roque has great aim and is proud to show off his expert marksmanship badge that lets everyone know how deadly accurate he can be with whatever big gun he is holding. He also stepped forward in a time of war, as many heroes have done, and is proud of his service. Eventually, Roque wants to be just like the hard core drill instructors that taught him, forging other Marines. Once Roque's uniform starts to come off, you can see just how hard and chiseled his metal is. As he rubs his crotch, you can see Roque carries a big gun, and it's not long before he needs to unbuckle his pants and give himself more room to grow. Soon Roque reaches his paw down underneath his trousers to get hands on with that thick rod and work it up to stand at attention. Within minutes, Roque is showing off his amazing definition as he pumps away on his cock. Then he peels off his skin tight shirt and pants to reveal tats and olive skin that perfectly show off his ripped abs and thick arms. He grabs a handful of cock and works it while he rubs his nice treasure trail. Then he starts gently tugging his big balls and running his fingers down deeper towards his hole. Now that he is good and hard, Roque jumps on all fours to show of his perfectly rounded ass as his finger teases his hole and spreads his cheeks wide. Soon his finger disappears inside him as he starts to moan. Once Roque flips back onto his back, he starts working his cock hard until you can see his abs tighten, letting you know he is about to let loose. He blasts round after round of hot cream across his abs until it starts dripping down his sides. Great aim!


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