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Video description: The Marine Corps is mostly known for their front line forces and battle skills. But behind every Marine on the front lines are ten supporting them, and no group is more important to battle front Marines than logistics. Lieutenant Quinton, loved his job in the Marine Corps almost as much as he loved being around his fellow hunky Marines. He calls Marine Logistics the "UPS" of the Marine Corps. Everything from beans to tanks and aircraft are moved in massive quantities, every day, with precision timing. And, unlike UPS, Marine Logistics has to work around obstacles your typical brown shorts driver never sees. Undeveloped air strips and enemy fire are just a few. To meet those challenges, Quinton has pushed himself hard, and is in peak physical condition. As he peels off his tank top, it's easy to notice his massive pecs and sculpted abs along with just the right amount of tats. He goes right to work, sliding his hands under his jeans, and working his big gun until there's no more room. He drops his pants down, and between his thick pulsing thighs, he works his huge cock with both hands until it's standing tall and ready for serious action. He flexes his massive biceps as he tightens his grip, before jumping to his knees and taking some full-length strokes. Then he recharges his palm with some more spit before turning around to reveal his perfectly rounded flexing ass cheeks. Once he lays back, he starts taking faster strokes. His whole body tightens as he edges himself closer. He pounds his meat hard, switching his grip until his body is rigid. His cock blasts round after round of creamy white jiz high in the air like a canon until he has completely unloaded his nuts.


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