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Video description: Thereís no doubt that Kenny has worked on his physique since we last saw him. He gives Brayden some pointers while at the gym and pushes him to add on more weights. Then he shows him how its done by doing a set himself. Iím not sure if Brayden is quite ready for that much weight, but after seeing Kennyís shoulder muscles bulge, heís ready to work out some other muscles! First he works out his jaw muscles by sucking on Kennyís cock. Then does a little forearm action jerking Kenny. Moving on to a more involved workout, he squats over Kenny to 69. Kenny also puts his sexy manly muscles to work, thrusting up into Braydenís ass. The guys get extra sweaty but they donít care- it feels too good! Before Kenny blows his load he wants to get railed so he bends over a workout bench and bottoms for Brayden. Although Kenny might have dominated the weights, he ends up being the one with his face, chest, abs, and cock covered in cum!


Duration: 02:08 min
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