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Video description: Gabriel Angel and Alessandro Katz are (as always!) a pair of hyper-horny twinks in a very mischievous mood, so itís not at all surprising that they should find a barrelful of fun from a varied collection of underwear. It certainly puts both of them in the mood for some hardcore carnal action, thatís for sure; and itís not long before the bleach-blond Angel has jumped onto Katzís lap for a lengthy, open-mouthed smooch. Not that the young Frenchman is the kind of boy whoís ever going to be satisfied with a mere kiss, of course. As always, this is a lad who isnít really happy until heís face-to-face with his loverís cock; and it comes as absolutely no surprise when he finally dives deep into Katzís crotch and starts to slurp on the gorgeous, uncut meat that he discovers there. However, heís not the only one whoís got an almost unquenchable taste for fresh meat, as Katz promptly demonstrates by turning the tables and feasting on Angelís hairless dick in return.


Duration: 05:04 min
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