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Video description: Everyone knows, of course, that the thought of being pressed into a sexual encounter is not exactly something that should appeal; but in porn, where all normal conventions are put to one side, itís always remarkably hot. A fact that director, Vlado Iresch, takes full advantage of in this horny little scene; with the additional factor of it being set in some military shower-room only adding to its kick. Certainly young Martin Corvin plays the role of a deflowered innocent to perfection; with his dark, doe-like eyes, and a look of seemingly genuine terror when horned-up officer, Mario Raffanelly, bears down on him from above. But, as the old-hand assures the young novice, the next fifteen minutes are gonna be nothing but fun Ė something of an understatement, perhaps, given the dick thatís packed in Raffanellyís khakis! Not that Corvin appears to show even the slightest bit of enthusiasm to begin with, refusing to even open his mouth as his superior thrusts him into his crotch. But in the army, of course, refusal simply isnít an option; and before you know it the young cadet is enjoying his very first taste of hard cock as itís thrust down his throat. Of course, Raffanelly isnít going to be the slightest bit satisfied until heís pounding that tight virgin arse; and having taken a few moments out to slurp on Corvinís dick, heís soon popping the youngsterís precious cherry. Finally, as if to complete the rookieís routine humiliation, he dumps an incredible wad of pent-up cum over the ladís face Ė quite literally bringing tears to Corvinís eyes in the process. Fucking awesome!


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