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Video description: You donít need to have ever been a scout to know that learning how to do knots is an integral aspect of scouting life Ė a skill that the absolutely divine Angel Lopez puts to excellent use when he quite literally ties up handsome newcomer, Martin Cusan, and proceeds to manhandle the young fellow. That, of course, makes it sound as if the newbie is forced into action against his will; but given the swollen nature of his dick when Lopez unzips the fellowís jeans itís obvious that thatís not the case at all. Far from it in fact; as both boys smooch and strip off their uniforms, before Lopez continues with some kinky rope play on his palís rampant joystick. Itís clearly more than enough to get Cusan to an even higher state of arousal than he was before; and he promptly gorges on Lopezís finely curved shaft, before turning his attention on the fellowís arse. By this point in proceedings itís pretty obvious that the action is only headed in one direction, and indeed it comes as no surprise that Cusanís hot rimming of his friendís cute little pucker is quickly followed by him impaling every inch of his thick, uncut ramrod into that hungry ass-hole. Itís a move that quite literally brings out the sexual animal in Lopez, who then proceeds to ride the new boyís cock like a slut on steroids Ė bouncing up and down on Cusanís knob with such fucking gusto that his own dick flaps around like a yoyo! Of course, the fact that heís donning his neckerchief only adds to the kink; and by the time he sprays an unbelievable wad, before gobbling Cusanís load in return, your balls will be utterly drained!


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