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Video description: Father, lead us not into temptation Ė thatís the prayer of many a young priest, who often struggle between the wish for spiritual purity and the desire for the pleasures of the flesh. Guys like Julian Fox and Lucas Drake, who would clearly much rather be having lots of carnal fun than reading the Bible and meditating on themes such as grace, redemption and temptation. Suffice it to say, itís not long before both these two boys have abandoned any pretence of being devout; smooching away in a private room, before promptly stripping away their priestly attire. Indeed, young Drakeís face is soon eagerly buried in Foxís crotch Ė giving his buddyís handsome cock some much-needed worship. Itís an unsurprising move given the history of this wanna-be priest; and whatís more Fox is quickly replicating the action, before bundling Drake over a table and rimming his palís hairless pucker. You donít need to be a theological expert to know that this is not exactly the kind of thing thatís expected from men of the cloth; but by this point neither fellow gives a fuck about their eternal prospects. All they want is a good old-fashioned raw fuck Ė and thatís exactly what ensues when Fox finally buries his oversized schlong into Drakeís hungry little rectum. It wonít come as any surprise to anyone that the bottom is soon consumed by lust Ė riding Foxís shaft reverse-cowboy, before literally having the spunk banged out of him with a hands-free climax. Unaware that theyíre being watched, Drake then calls it a wrap by slurping his mateís thick, aching joystick to a sticky, satisfying finale!


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