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Video description: Who wouldíve ever imagined that young priests had such a fascination with sex-toys? Itís certainly a startling revelation, as Mike Branco and Johnathan Strake each go hell for leather on their own sweet arse-holes; before Branco switches his full attention on Strakeís butt, whilst simultaneously gobbling on his buddyís dick. Indeed, Strakeís appetite for a good old-fashioned anal pounding is clearly almost insatiable, given the way that he continues to take every inch of that big black dildo whilst munching away on Brancoís swollen shaft. Given the high-octane nature of this ladís desires, itís perhaps little wonder that his mateís only too eager and willing to take full advantage of the situation; lifting Strakeís arse into the air and energetically rimming and fingering the horny little slit. To say that Strake takes everything that his fellow disciple thrusts in his direction is a statement of the fucking obvious Ė and, whatís more, heís very quickly parting his cheeks to accommodate Brancoís handsome ramrod. Itís a move that signals the start of a terrific set-piece, with Strake royally buggered in a whole series of positions Ė most notably reverse-cowboy style, when he bounces up and down on Brancoís thick meat like a bitch in season. Little wonder that the fellow canít hold back from a sticky crescendo for long, spewing all over his belly. But his credentials as an out-and-out slut arenít totally signed off until heís taken a full-on facial courtesy of his mateís erupting cock-head; leaving him quite literally dripping with spunk and looking every inch the kind of whore we know and love!


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