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Video description: Juan Carlos has followed Van back into the locker room and he is obviously staring at the large bulge in Van's shorts. Van notices and asks what he is staring at. Juan Carlos asks what the fuck do you have in there and with that Van whips out his massive cock. Juan is shocked by the size, but cannot help but grab it and start stroking it. He can't believe how great the thickness of Vans shaft feels in his hands. He then drops to his knees and tries his best to suck his cock deep. He can barely get half of it in his mouth because of the massive thick size. He tells Van, 'Dude that is one Monster Cock'! Van lies down on the bench as Juan continues sucking and gagging on his thick meaty cock. Van tells Juan to show him his ass and he starts to finger his hole spitting on it as he gets it ready for his huge cock. He tells Juan to sit on it first and Juan struggles as he lowers himself down on Van's monster shaft. It takes a while, but he is able to get about half of it inside him as he grinds on it. Van bends him over Doggy Style and continues to fuck him encouraging him to take more of the length with each thrust. He flips him on his back and fucks Juan deeper until he cannot hold back and he pulls out and shoots a big load all over Juan. Juan continues to milk the cock in amazement that it was just in his ass as the camera zooms in and we see Juan take a little taste of Van's cum.


Duration: 05:16 min
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