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Starring: Tom Wolfe, Heath Jordan
Video provided by: RagingStallion
Video description: Staring directly into uber-stud Tom Wolfe's hairy ass, equally furryHeath Jordan is more than ready to dive right in. He grabs hold ofTom's thick thighs and licks through the thicket of ass hair to reach hisglorious hole. Then he turns Tom around, pulls his cock out of hisjockstrap and excitedly sucks it down. Tom coos with excitement ashe holds Heath's head securely and fucks his mouth, making him gagand cough. They stop to lather each other with aggressive man kissesand then Tom gets to work. He throws Heath down on his back,upends him and jams his hot tongue into his ass. He fingers the hole,makes it slick with his spit and then fills it with his cock, thrusting inand out -- fast and hard. Heath then climbs aboard a supine Tom andrides his erect meat pole. They reposition themselves with Heath lyingflat on his back, stroking his cock as Tom continues plugging away.The guys finally shoot their wads, creaming Heath's furry stomachwith warm cum.


Duration: 05:09 min
Download as: MP4 (52 MB)

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