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Starring: Ricky Larkin, Ty Tucker
Video provided by: ExtraBigDicks
Video description: "I heard what you were doing with my sister last night' Ricky tells Ty, 'these walls are paper thin. Ty tries to apologize but his pleas fall on deaf ears as Ricky makes him pay. Payback's a Bitch as Ty gets dragged to his knees and has Ricky's crotch shoved into it. Suddenly "payback" ain't lookin' all that bad! lol Ricky grinds his growing cock into Ty's face before undoing his shorts so that he can get that hot mouth around his cock. Ty doesn't put up much of a struggle as he services that thick dick. Ricky grabs his head and starts to fuck his face deep. His smooth balls slap away at Ty's chin and just as he's getting used to sucking that thick meat Ricky grabs him and throws him on the couch. He straddles his chest and shoves his cock back in. He fucks his throat deeper and harder making Ty choke and gag on his oversized cock. Ty reaches around and grabs Ricky's beefy ass with both hands as he helps to steady that cock going down his throat. Ricky then gets Ty on his feet and strips off his jeans to get at that dick. Ricky gets on his knees and bobs up and down on that dick taking it all the way down his throat. "You're better than your sister!" teases Ty as Ricky continues sucking his rock hard cock gagging on it as he shoves it all the way down his throat.


Duration: 05:14 min
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