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Video description: I chat them up a little in the beginning as I talk to Tucker about his decision to cross the line. He's all smiles again as we chat and I let him know that Axl is going to walk him through things. Axl chimes in a bit and then I leave the room, telling Axl it's all in his hands. No sooner than I'm gone, Axl tells Tucker to move a little closer. Then he tells him he's not much into all the talking stuff and from there they lock lips in a hot kiss. Next the shirts come off and they embrace for more kissing. Axl lays Tucker back so he can kiss and lick his chest as he says 'damn dude' as he admires his body. They help each other loosen their buttons and zippers and the shorts come off. From there, Axl takes the lead and goes right down on Tucker's soft cock, sucking it and licking it as Tucker admires Axl's nice ass. Eventually Axl's skills do the trick for Tucker's dick and he's hard as a rock as Axl works it for him. Tucker is watching intently as Axl works his big dick, playing with his nice balls. I'm not sure what's harder -- Tucker's cock or his abs. This guy's body is smokin'. After sucking Tucker's cock for awhile, Axl asks Tucker if he's ready to give it a try and Tucker doesn't hesitate. He's on Axl's cock quick and working it with his mouth. He takes the time to go down and lick and suck Axl's balls really good in between taking it down his throat. He cups Axl's balls so he can easily lick them as he sucks his dick. Tucker tells Axl how nice his dick is and Axl responds by reaching around to grab Tucker's cock again and strokes it as Tucker keeps sucking his.


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