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Video description: Clark had a tour of duty in Afghanistan with the Army. He has definitely been in some hairy situations during combat. He's recently out of the service and enjoying life stateside. Wearing his uniform for the occasion, this blue-eyed, blond-haired soldier is ready for a different kind of action. He rips his blouse open immediately before going to town on the swelling in his crotch. Pulling his pink cock out of the camouflage, he slides down a little to gain access while staring intently across the room. When he jams his pants lower toward his boots, a tattoo across his stomach appears just above the thicket of blond pubic hair. Finally, the military stud strips the rest of his clothes off, his pale skin exposed. This military stud is built for battle, with a smooth chest and slightly developed musculature. His face becomes more flushed as he really gets into the stroke job he's giving himself. The view of his perky ass is perfect as he kneels, trying to see his subject matter better. His strokes become more intense as his chest begins to heave. He gazes down at his cock and it explodes with a fountain of semen. The white jiz sprays upward, then lands in the matt of pubic hair. Several more spurts leap out of his pisshole and land on his hand while the rest dribbles down his cock.


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