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Video description: Petty Officer Logan is a hard charging Corpsman who likes to keep up on all his skills so he can be ready to help his Marine buddies when they need it. Logan has trained hard with the Marines, and went through the service's martial arts program, but it has been a while since he got to refresh his skills, so he decided to sit down with his Marine friend Private First Class Jett to get caught up. The two start off with some body hardening exercises, but it's not long before they both find that their crotches are the hardest parts of both their bodies. Round about the time Jett throws his buddy down onto the sofa, Logan finds himself eye level with Jett's crotch, and his hands go right to it. Jett whips out his amazing cock and wags it in front of his buddy. Logan immediately gets his lips on that monster and starts working his throat open so he can take it deeper. In moments, Logan's lips are bottoming out at the base of Jett's cock. His low handing balls are full of cum and ready to deliver. Logan takes full advantage of Jett's downward curving cock to fill his throat full of that meat and make his buddy's eyes roll back. Logan has amazing breath control and takes long strokes on Jett's rod before holding him in tight and working Jett's cock with his throat muscles. Then Logan flips Jett over, parts his cheeks and plants a couple mouthfuls of spit before jamming his tongue inside Jett's tight ass. He eases a finger in and then licks up and down the full length of Jett's crack. Then it's Jett's turn to open his throat up and service his buddy, and he gets right down on Logan's thick cock. Then Logan gets back at it and continues servicing his buddy. He edges him closer with each stroke, then eases him back. But Jett can't hold back anymore, he blasts a load onto Logan's outstretched tongue, before unleashing his own load all over his abs. Hot!


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